Far Cry 3 : Complete Game Package. There is a bet!! Far Cry 3 is a fantastic open world game but it also has decent poker minigames that you might not know about. You can actually play No Limit Hold’em and it’s a great way to raise money fast. It is very easy to make money if you are familiar with the basics of Hold’em. There are also shortcuts you can use to earn unlimited amounts of money, but we recommend that you spend a little time playing the game, because it’s actually pretty good. Here’s a quick guide on how to unlock poker gambling, where to play, and most importantly, how to beat the game (this guide works for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of the game).

Far Cry 3 : Complete Game Package. There is a bet!!
Far Cry 3 : Complete Game Package. There is a bet!!

How To Gamble In Far Cry 3

Where to Find Poker Games in Far Cry 3 There are eight poker games spread across the Northern and Southern Islands in Far Cry 3. You unlock your first game of poker after conquering the Valsa Docks outpost, which is located west of Amanaki on the North Island. Poker plays an integral part during some scenes of the game but all hands are played automatically and it doesn't matter whether you win or lose. You can use the online map to see exactly where the eight games are located.

Far Cry 3 Poker Game
Poker in Far Cry actually looks great. Each game takes place in a secret room, usually behind a bar, and you'll be playing against tons of bad guys who would rather shoot you than lose the pot. It's basically like a $2/$4 game at Binion's in Las Vegas.
It's an immersive experience, as your avatar's hand will be shown carefully holding the card and then peeking at it. Each player reacts to the action and the dealer even shuffles the cards.
It will be considered very slow compared to real online poker sites but this is not what it is about. The game itself is the basis of No Limit Hold'em. The stakes are different no matter where you play.

How to Beat the Poker Game in Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3's virtual poker opponents tend to call a lot. A good strategy is to wait until you have two pairs and then get stuck. Most of the time you will be pushing calls from at least one of them. So ABC's standard tight-aggressive poker works for the most part. (See this 10 minute Texas Hold'em Short Course if you've never played Hold'em).
There are four different skill levels including practice, beginner, skilled and expert. It is suspected that players become more aggressive as the difficulty level increases so tightening is not the worst strategy. The games are all short with four players. Each opponent tends to play a little differently too.

Very Easy Achievement
There is a very easy bonus available for achievement chasers in Far Cry 3. If you manage to win over $1,500 cumulative cash playing poker, you will receive a Poker Bully award. As simple as that.

Cheat Poker 
The great thing about video games is that you always get a second, or third, or fourth chance. You can cheat a poker game by using the old “reload your game until you get it right” trick. In other words, simply save your play before you start playing the highest stakes game and then enter push mode, pushing all-ins in each hand. If you lose, reload the game you saved. If you win, exit the poker game, save and then try again. Rinse/repeat and you'll get all the money you could possibly need.

Far Cry 3 is the 3rd sequel to the franchise that carries the first person shooter( FPS) genre. Presents a wide enough environment to explore, wrapped with an interesting story to follow. Players will explore tropical islands, fighting enemies and beasts that often attack. Although not a new permainan, Far Cry 3 can complete your collection. To get this permainan on Komputer is quite easy, you just need to claim it through the Ubisoft Store. 

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