Fortnite 2022

Fortnite Players on PC and PlayStation Can Now Video Chat. Epic Games announced that Fortnite now supports integration, allowing players to video chat with other players directly within the game.

“Starting today, connect with your friends on Fortnite in a way like never before,” Epic Games wrote in the notification.

You can enjoy the latest in-game activity or catch up with Victory Royale.

As weve said before, Fortnite video chat is only available to PS5, PS4 and Komputer players. In addition, you need to have an iOS or Android device with Houseparty installed. If you havent already got Houseparty, then you can install it from the Google Play or App Store.

Next, open the app and link your Houseparty account to your Epic Permainan account. You should already have an Epic Permainan account for playing Fortnite but, if not, you can sign up here.

Linking the accounts gives you the extra bonus of a Rainbow Fog Wrap. But, as video chat isnt available for all Fortnite platforms, Epic Permainan will also offer players the chance to unlock this item in- game.

Now that your accounts are linked and your mobile device set up, it’s time to start video chatting. 

Open the Houseparty app and then click on the settings of TV icon and connect to Fortnite. Next, either join your friends or ask them to join you – if you’re unsure how to use the app, then check out of guide on how to use Houseparty.

Has Fortnite video chat got any safety features

Yes, for a start, Fortnite video chat crops the video so that it only shows the players’ faces – with a Fortnite virtual background. For concerned parents, you can turn off Fortnite video chat through the game’s Parental Controls. 

The update makes a lot of sense considering Fortnite’s steady shift from third-person shooter to full-on social space. Over the past year, Epic has expanded the game far beyond its battle royale origins with a violence-free social space called Party Royale and a steady stream of increasingly elaborate in-game concerts.

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