Horizon Forbidden West

Continuing the Horizon: Zero Dawn series, in Forbidden West you will follow Aloy’s next adventure to the west. He will find a new civilization that he did not find in his hometown. But the journey is very dangerous, Aloy will again be faced with new machines and threats.

Through the super short trailer that they released at The Game Awards 2021, Horizon Forbidden West comes with one mission – showing roughly what new enemy Aloy must defeat. Some have been shown before, but some for the first time, you see in this trailer. It doesn’t always come as a big monster, it can also come as a small mecha monster ready to attack you in groups. You can also see various variants of new costumes and equipment that Aloy can now use.

The Latest Features and Weapons of Horizon Forbidden West

Can Swing Like Spider-Man

Aloy can now shoot ropes (Pullcaster) and swing like Spider-Man. It seems that this feature is related to a point that can be used for climbing.

Can Throw Spear

Finally Guerilla Games provides new abilities for spears (Valor Surge and Javin Launcher). In Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy can throw spears at enemies. Previously, in Zero Dawn, spears were only limited to melee weapons.

Smoke Bombs and Glue Grenades

Aloy’s weapons in Horizon Forbideen West are also added with Smoke Bombs and Adhesive Granades. Smoke bombs are useful for tricking enemies, and glue bombs seem to be able to block enemy movements.

But there is one other thing that is interesting. Whether it’s feelings or not, Aloy’s character seems to have changed. Now she looks a bit fatter and not as pretty as in Horizon Zero Dawn.

To be sure, the game Horizon Forbidden West is worth waiting for its presence. Not only on PlayStation 4 and 5, hopefully also available on PC.

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