Onic vs Blacklist

ONIC Won The MPL Invitational Championship S8. managed to win the title of MPL Invitational MPLI season 8. ONIC Esports successfully performed brilliantly and secured victory with a score of 3-1. In the early game, Blacklist International played very well. Every attempted game execution is highly scalable. They don’t have time to overcommit which usually results in blunders.

Relying on Jawhead and Bane, Blacklist International has a very solid line-up for every fight in the early game phase. Not to mention, Oheb who uses Lunox can deal enormous damage to finish off every ONIC Esports player. Unfortunately, ONIC Esports seemed overwhelmed by the attacks of Wise and his friends. Moreover, SANZ and CW could not pocket the core items in the late game phase. As a result, ONIC Esports does not have a large source of damage to withstand Blacklist International attacks. In the 14th minute, Blacklist International managed to secure a win in the early game after eliminating all turret-inhibitors from ONIC Esports.

Onic Gameplay

In the second game, Blacklist International opened the match very scary. Wise and his friends managed to kidnap ONIC Esports players repeatedly. As a result, SANZ became a very strong player and difficult to stop. In conclusion, ONIC Esports has also managed to turn things around. In the 14th minute, the winner of MPL Season 3 and 8 won the second game.

Unfortunately, In the third game Blacklist International has a good game strategy. Wise and friends are not provoked to play with a fast tempo. As a result, ONIC Esports had to run out of a lot of meaningful fighting momentum at the beginning of the game.

SANZ performed very brilliantly in the third game. Relying on Yi Sun-Shin, SANZ is a player who can do massive damage to overthrow Blacklist International players.

Even so, Blacklist International was able to provide a fairly fierce match. Wise who plays Bane is a very scary player. Unfortunately, ONIC Esports is still fairly solid.

When Blacklist International was destroyed, ONIC Esports managed to destroy the turret inhibitor very quickly. In the 17th minute, ONIC Esports managed to secure the fourth game victory.

In conclusion, the blacklists have to admit their defeat against ONIC Esports, especially since many people bet for their win

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