One of the most anticipated games of 2014

this title deserves to be given to Watch Dogs. After the introductory trailer that looked so stunning at E3 2012, Ubisoft seems to have set a new standard for games worthy of being called “next generation”.

Stunning graphics, hacking-themed gameplay that has never been done by any franchise, and dashing-looking characters make many gamers fall in love at first sight. With the delay that occurred at the end of 2013, the enthusiasm to try it immediately became stronger instead of weakening. After a long wait, Ubisoft finally released Watch Dogs to the market.

So, what exactly is offered by this Watch Dogs? Why do we call it a game that turns out to be a game experience that is not as unique as we imagined? This review will be more in-depth for you.

Those of you who have read our previous previews of course already know a little about what Watch Dogs has to offer. Answering all the doubts that had sparked over the last few months, especially from a visual perspective, the PC version of Watch Dogs can indeed be said to be able to offer the same graphic quality as those offered at E3 2012.

Imagine a scenario in the future, where all your smart devices are now controlled under one integrated operating system. Almost all the services you need to make your daily life easier, from financial data to your health to your virtual life run under the foundation of this software. Not only that, the entire city infrastructure is also controlled using the same operating system. Sound like a promising future city? Unfortunately there isn’t. By focusing on only one area of ​​information, such a mechanism becomes a gold mine for hackers. This theme is the main strength of Watch Dogs.

Apart from being a hacker in this game, players are also presented with mini games playing poker gambling that you can enjoy.

Within the game, the game of poker is played in Texas Hold ’em style, but Aiden can use his hacking skills to cheat, by using a Profiler to monitor the pressure of other players around them, and to check their card’s Win and Lose ratios. , or by hacking a nearby security camera. to spy on his opponent’s cards.

At Watch Dogs, there are four levels of poker games available to play in several locations in the city of Chicago. There is low stakes poker, medium stakes poker, high stakes poker and super stakes poker for players who can afford it. Gameplay-wise, each level of poker remains the same with the exception of the pot which has a higher or lower prize money depending on the level of poker Aiden is playing.

Successfully clearing the poker table will earn the player Sayonara LE via the Car On Demand app. Aiden was also seen playing poker in the One Foot in the Grave mission with Tobias Frewer, though he couldn’t complete it.

Remember, poker gambling is not just about playing your hand. You need to know how your opponents play their poker hands and place bets to get an idea of ​​when and how you should place your chips. For example, if other players place big bets or quickly take action bets, there is a high chance that they will get a very good hand which makes them confident. Or even they just bluff to get you to give up and they can profit even if their cards are bad. Like playing ordinary poker gambling games, this game takes a concept that makes you not bored playing it

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